Dreaming of the United Nations


img_6649Dear Friends,

When I was 19, I spent a semester abroad in Guadalajara, Mexico. One of my first and most powerful experiences was in a crowded downtown plaza.  A young girl of certain privilege and inexperience, I sat with my roommate eating popcorn when a little waif of a girl with dirt on her face appeared in front of me, squeezing through the sea of legs to reach her hand out to me, pointing to the popcorn. I tried to gulp down the giant lump in my throat as I held out the bag to her, and then nearly died of heartbreak when she reached in and took one little piece – just one piece! – and disappeared back into the crowd. I, of course, had meant for her to take the whole bag! In that moment, though I didn’t recognize it till much later, serving women and girls on the margins sort of grabbed hold of my heart, and it hasn’t let go.  At one point, I even dreamed of serving at the United Nations to promote the empowerment of women around the globe!

dana mexico

Guadalajara, Mexico

With great excitement, I can tell you that dream is finally coming true!  I have been invited by Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, to represent him at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. It is a huge honor and I am so humbled!  I am thrilled to participate in such an event, to help make decisions about how best to empower women and promote gender equality around the world. I believe the work of empowering women is of the utmost importance, that this is a fantastic opportunity for our church to lead the way in building God’s kingdom here on earth by working for the well-being of women and girls, and that this is work that I have been called to since a young age.

To serve, I need to be in Manhattan at the United Nations for two weeks in March

dana haiti 12.33.55 pm

Ouanaminthe, Haiti

2019 (3/8-3/22) and have been told to expect my expenses to total approximately $5,600, to include airfare, housing, meals and other program-related expenses.

Most importantly, I hope you’ll pray for me, for the other 9 delegates of the Episcopal Church, for the Presiding Bishop and his staff, and for the Commission on the Status of Women.

Will you also help me make my service as a delegate possible?

Thank you for any size gift you might offer to help my dream come true and to make my service on the delegation possible.  I will be happy to report back to you after the event if you’d like to hear about the Commission’s work. I will keep you updated as I prepare for and then serve at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, and I know you will join me there in spirit.

Yours in Christ,




Dallas, Texas

Read a letter of support from the Episcopal Church here:
Episcopal Church Support Letter

Read more about the Commission here:
UN Commission on the Status of Women  

This is the link to the GoFundMe page embedded above: https://www.gofundme.com/trip-to-un-for-commission-on-status-of-women&rcid=r01-154743669287-92cc04ad0720458f&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_w

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