I Wonder.


What I struggle with today is this:

⁃Does this election validate my dad who told my kids they aren’t black because their black, foreign father makes too much money ?

⁃Does it validate my mother’s insistence that anyone who voted for Barack Obama is a socialist who “hates America?”

⁃Does it validate the man who refused to let my black, foreign husband use the bathroom in his gas station, claiming it was out of order I had just used it?

⁃Does it validate my rapist who told me I asked for it or the man on the subway who groped me as I was pinned between other passengers at rush hour and was too afraid to scream?

⁃Does it validate the men who followed my young, biracial family out of a diner and then chased us in their car for miles and miles as we feared for our lives?

⁃Does it validate the high level executive who, upon realizing my husband is black after months of only having spoken to him on the phone, decided he would refuse to ever utter another word to my husband and even rode for 4 hours in a rental car with him once in total silence?

⁃Does it validate the drunk guy in the street who tried to overpower me and then screamed “fucking whore” at me when I kneed him in the groin and ran for my life?


I wonder.


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